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Thursday – January 22nd

Samba City by Night



Samba City is the latest tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro, occupying an area of 114.000 sq. meters, built in the port district by the City Hall. The design of Samba City forms a geometrical figure, with factories surrounding the main square. They seem like parts of a group, linking hands, forming a large circle. It is as if the world of the samba were embracing its ancestors, who were around here during the 17th and 18th centuries, bringing the art of African dance and music, to be incorporated today to Brazilian cultural traditions. The thematic city will transform Samba School activities into a permanent practice. More than a tourist attraction, Samba City has become a production center of genuine Brazilian art.

From October to March visitants have the opportunity of knowing the real Carnival, not only by visiting Cidade do Samba, but also participating on a real Carnival Show. The show takes around 30 minutes and it is a great opportunity of seeing and feeling the magic of the Carnival. During the show, it will be served appetizers and Brazilian tapas, also beverages are included (soft drinks, beers and caipirinhas).

Price per Person: R$ 158. Prices in Reais, Brazilian Currency.

Tour Includes: Transportation (bus leaves from Hotel Novo Mundo), Guide, Show and food and beverage described above.

Deadline for Reservation: Please send a message to up to January 09th, informing the number of persons

Deadline for Payment (on the secretariat desk of the workshop):  January 20th 


                                      TOUR AND WORKSHOP DINNER

Friday – January 23rd

 Corcovado Mountain and Sugar Loaf Tour

Tour begins at 14h at UERJ.  Reach the top of "Corcovado" by rail, approximately at 15h . A modern Swiss-made cogwheel rail climbs through "Tijuca" Rain Forest to the top of the mountain (710 meters). The cogwheel takes about 17 minutes, at a maximum speed of 15km/h on its way up, and 22 minutes, at 12km/h, on its way down. One of the most amazing views during this trip is the one of "Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas". At the very top of the mountain, carved in soapstone mosaic in the finest art nouveau style, stands the Christ the Redeemer, a 38 meters tall statue with arms outstretched as if it were blessing the city. Reach the statue by climbing a flight of steps quite steep. The above view of nearly the entire city is nothing but breathtaking.

After this visit we ride through Rio's beautiful architectonic monuments, visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, and ascend the twin peaks of Sugar Loaf by a series of venturing cable car rides (approximately at 17h). On the first hill, called "Urca", walk around the flowered walkways enjoying the magnificent views. On the second hill, which is called "Pão de Açucar" (Sugar Loaf), admire the unique beauty of "Guanabara" Bay, "Niterói", "Copacabana" and "Santa Cruz" Fortress, a landmark of Rio's history. You will for sure be amazed by the awesome views.

The tour ends at a typical restaurant: Rio de Janeiro won't let you down if you enjoy a good steak or barbecue. Try te best of the Brazilian-style rodízios: Porcão  Rio´s . This steakhouses serve barbecue on an all-you-can-eat basis. Tender cuts of beef, sausage, fish and chicken barbecued to perfection, and served by skilled professionals that seem tireless. The fixed price includes a host of side dishes.  You will also count on  a self-serve salad counter. Others will give you a menu of options including hot dishes and assorted salads. All you have to do is tick your favorites and soon the waiter will be filling your table with as many as 20 different delicacies. Rice, farofa (scrambled eggs and manioc flour), French fries, buffalo mozzarella, pão de queijo (fresh-baked cheese roll), brown and black beans, lettuce and tomatoes are some of the staples. You will also have Japanese specialties like nira and kani and fried Italian polenta. 

Price Per Person: R$ 215
Includes: Transportation (bus leaves from UERJ), guide, lunch box, tickets for Corcovado and Sugar Loaf, dinner at Porcão (drinks and desert no included).

Deadline for Reservation: Please send a message to up to January 09th, informing the number of persons

Deadline for Payment:  January 20th    



Saturday - January 24th

Secrets of Old Rio

Our expert guide will lead you through the colonial avenues, squares and back streets of Rio, explaining the important historical, political and social events that shaped Rio into South America's most exciting city. Focusing on the period or architectural style, fine examples of Baroque constructions would be the "São Bento" and "Santo Antonio" Monasteries, which recall the times when Brazil was a colony of Portugal. Already from the 19th century, the French influence is still shown by the "Teatro Municipal" (Municipal Theater) and the "Museu Nacional de Belas Artes". The city's cultural and artistic variety is exhibited on major cultural institutions such as "Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil" and the "Casa França-Brasil". Some other features of this tour are "Candelária" Church, "Praça XV" and "Arco dos Telles". Visit to the Nacional Historical Museum.

Lunch at Confeitaria Colombo (not included) – one of the most traditional restaurants in Rio with its magnificent salons lined with ornate jacaranda-framed mirrors imported from Belgium at the turn of the century. The art nouveau decor is found throughout its showcases, furniture and fittings, ceiling lights and floor dating back to this delightful past. Lunch will be buffet style. After lunch return to the hotel. 

On Saturdays Confeitaria Colombo offers the most traditional Brazilian dish: Feijoada – it is made of black beans and pork meat. The beans are baked together with the meat giving to it a special flavor. At table the beans are served separated as well the meat, each one (there are several different cuts) are served in it own bowl. As side dishes we have plain rice, farofa (another typical Brazilian dish, made of manioc flour), sliced orange, among others.

Departure at 09h from Hotel Novo Mundo.  Tour finishes at Hotel or International Airport (at 15:30h).
Tour duration: from 09h to 13h. Lunch from 13h to 14:30h

 Price per Person: R$  40 (lunch not included). Prices in Reais, Brazilian Currency.
Includes: Transportation (bus leaves from Hotel Novo Mundo), guide,  tickets for Historical Museum. Lunch not included.

Deadline for Reservation: Please send a message to up to January 09th, informing the number of persons

Deadline for Payment:  January 20th    

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