How to get to UERJ

The best ways to arrive at UERJ are by subway (metrô) or by taxi. By metrô, drop off at Maracanã station and exit by the ramp over Radial Oeste Avenue. Go until a bifurcation when you take the right to go to UERJ (straigh ahead you will down to Maracanã Stadium). This ramp is marked with orange in the left part of the image below, pass the mouse over it so that you can see an image of the location. By taxi, coming from zona sul, you will drop off at São Francisco Xavier Street and walk inside the campus (brown arrow written Maracanã Campus, with photo).
  Metro access ramp Campus Maracanã Campus Maracanã Metro access ramp Metro access ramp Maracanã Stadium Click to see inside UERJ

Once inside the campus, go straigh ahead until the main building. You can pass the mouse over the orange paths marked on the picture below to see the ways leading to the entrances. Inside the building go to the block C and take the elevator up to the third floor.


Going to the main building Going to the elevators Stairs and ramps UERJ Going to the main building Main building Elevators 3rd floor Back entrance Going to the main building Main building

Below there is a scheme of the third floor where are marked the conference rooms, Santoro's office and LISHEP secretariat in brown. Pass the mouse over them to see the picture.


Santoro's office and secretariat Ramp Elevators Corridor to DFNAE Corridor to DFNAE Continuing... Conference room Conference room